Exhibition views from solo show Plantlore, exhibited in Fab Lab Limerick October 11th — November 11th 2018.

Plantlore is a new body of work by emerging artist Kaya Brennan, recipient of a six month printmaking bursary with the Limerick Printmakers. The work presented is an ongoing investigation of Irish folklore in relation to certain indigenous plants. By looking back to the past, and the relationships we had with the plants that grew around us, it forges new respect for the natural world and its importance in our everyday lives. Now more than ever, people crave intimate connections with nature.

Folkloric tradition, although still prevalent today, is very much linked to older civilizations, bridging between mysticism and factual, combining ancient and existing knowledge. When plants are examined through the lens of folklore it simplifies down to observation ; learning ; and sharing that knowledge. It is in the same way which Kaya undertakes the making of this work and the result is an intuitive response to her research combining relevant plants, site specific photography and the surrounding folkloric beliefs to create a collection of mixed media and experimental prints.